NTI (Migraine & Headaches) Treatment

NTI treatment, or migraine and headaches treatment, focuses on headaches and migraines that are caused by teeth-grinding. At Town and Country Smiles, we have first-class technology to help relieve your headaches.

What is NTI Treatment?

NTI, which stands for Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition, prevents pain in the nerves of the jaw that is caused by teeth clenching and grinding. This jaw pain can result in headaches or even migraines.


An NTI-TSS guard is a small, plastic device that is custom-fitted to your mouth. You can place the NTI-TSS guard on your top or bottom front teeth, and it will prevent you from clenching your jaw. Once your jaw muscles can relax more, your jaw pain and headaches should be relieved.

How Do I Get A NTI-TSS Guard?

The first step in getting an NTI-TSS guard is to give us a call! We will schedule an appointment in which our dentist will examine your mouth to evaluate treatment options. If the dentist decides that an NTI-TSS guard is right for you, we will take an impression of your mouth and ship the mold to a lab that will create your custom guard. In just a couple of weeks, your guard will arrive, and you can come in to the office to make sure it fits comfortably!

Chronic Headaches Weighing You Down?

NTI-TSS guards could be the right solution to relieve your tension headaches. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment and find out more about NTI-TSS guards!

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