Custom Mouth Guards (Athletic & Night)

We make custom mouth guards that cater to all of your needs! Whether it be protecting your teeth from sports or reducing your teeth-grinding, we will personalize your mouth guard to perfectly suit you!

Night Grinding and Clenching

Stress can cause people to grind or clench their teeth while sleeping. Habitual teeth grinding can result in serious damage to your teeth and jaw as it can wear down tooth enamel.

What Does a Night Guard Do?

Your custom night guard will prevent your teeth from grinding and will help reposition your jaw. Made from extremely thin and light material, you should find your night guard comfortable and you should be able to talk while wearing it. We will take an impression of your teeth and use the mold to create the perfect night guard for your unique teeth. Regularly wearing the night guard will improve the health of your teeth!

Athletic Mouth Guards

If you are partaking in any sports that may result in a mouth injury, you should wear an athletic mouth guard to protect your teeth from potential impact. Custom mouth guards are safer and more effective than those purchased from the store. Being proactive and consistently wearing your mouth guard now could save you lots of money in the future!

Think You May Need a Mouth Guard?

Custom mouth guards protect your teeth and keep your mouth healthy. Schedule an appointment to get fitted for one of our custom mouth guards today!

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