In the event that a filling or other dental service fails to fix a tooth, crowns are your next best option. If tooth roots remain strong, crowns can go right on top of your old tooth. We make sure your smile looks as natural and bright as ever!

Why Use a Dental Crown?

When teeth are extremely cracked, broken, or worn down past the point of being able to use a filling, we must use a crown. The crown goes on top of the tooth to make it look natural and to provide some strength for the tooth.

Types of Crowns

When it comes to crowns, there are a few materials to choose from such as gold, metal-porcelain, and all porcelain. Your dentist will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each material and choose what works best for you.

Crown Procedure

Depending on the extent of damage in the tooth, procedures may vary slightly between patients. Sometimes a root canal is required first, but if not, our dentists fill the tooth from the inside to build up the tooth. We then make the tooth a smaller version of itself to prepare it. Next, we take impressions for your new crown. While waiting for your permanent crown to be perfectly molded and prepared, you will wear a temporary crown. During your final visit to our office, our dentists will cement the permanent crown in place. The end result will be a very a natural-looking crown that will make your tooth strong enough to chew all of the food you enjoy.

Interested In Our Dental Crowns?

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